Since 1948, the CUSTOMFOLD name has stood for superior aesthetics and acoustical properties, combined with unmatched durability and ease of operation.

     CUSTOMFOLD, INC., started with the innovative designs and creative technology of several originators in the Folding Panel Partition and Accordion Partition fields, such as:  Brunswick®, Richards-Wilcox®, Horn Bros.®, and Vecta®.  With continued research and development, we have the right products to divide your interior spaces for a wide assortment of functions.


     With a legacy exceeding 50 years in the folding partition field, CUSTOMFOLD, INC., through its family of distributors, can work with you to optimize your interior space.  We can provide you with just the right product for your unique application.  

     We are dedicated to the principle of integrity through relationships built on honesty, trust and truthfulness -- in our dealings with personnel, customers and suppliers.  We will be faithful and resolute in our goal to enhance our competitive position by delivering the highest quality products on time and at the lowest cost.


     We offer design-engineering services to you, free of charge.  Let us help you with your particular needs!  Whether you are building a new building, remodeling an existing one, or replacing an old, worn-out partition, we want to work with you.  So give us a call, or e-mail us at today!