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CUSTOMFOLD Folding Panel Partitions are the ideal solution to your space division needs!  These nominally 48" (1219mm)CUSTOMFOLD, INC. wide, "flat panel" partitions are ideal for schools, houses of worship, social halls, restaurants and banquet halls, and any other place where permanent looking partitions are needed.  These easy to maneuver panels offer the convenience of dividing larger spaces into smaller ones, effortlessly.

The panels are top-supported by structural-grade aluminum or steel track and are either manually or electrically operated.  Panel frames are all-welded steel construction for durability and rigidity.  Not only do these partitions offer the utmost in quality and acoustical performance, they can be covered with Class "A" fabric-backed vinyl, upholstery grade fabric or carpet, to match or enhance the aesthetics of the room.  Chalkboard, marker board or projection work surfaces are also available to increase the usefulness of these walls.  Pass doors offer easy passage between the divided spaces.

All CUSTOMFOLD Folding Panel Partitions feature smooth, no-exposed-trim vertical edges, with tongue and groove trim astragals containing multiple sound seals.  The top of each panel is equipped with fixed, multi-finger seals to tightly seal against the track, while the bottom may be equipped with either fixed sweep seals or operable seals.  The latter can accommodate variations in the floor, yet still provide a superior sound seal.



The 7700 Series is our most popular.  Panel construction consists of your choice of surface material attached to a high-density fiberboard substrate, which is mechanically attached and bonded directly to an all-welded steel frame.  The interior is filled with an acoustical-absorbent blanket.  Acoustically rated at 41 STC.  

The 8700 Series offers non-combustible panel construction, combined with the durability of steel faces.  Steel sheets and gypsum board are directly attached to an all-welded steel frame, with the interior filled with acoustical-absorbent blanket.  The steel faces are covered with your selection of surface covering.  44 STC acoustical rating.

The 9700 Series offers the utmost in aesthetics, durability and acoustical properties.  The non-combustible panel construction consists of heavy gauge steel skins and gypsum board substrate attached directly to an all-welded steel frame.  The vertical edges are trimmed with tongue and groove astragals containing a total of four sound seals per joint, for the utmost in acoustical privacy.
50 STC, 43 FSTC & 41 NIC!