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CUSTOMFOLD, INC. - Folding Panel Partitions

Consisting of nominally 48" (1219mm) wide flat panels, these partitions are suspended from structural grade overhead track.  The partitions extend from the storage location to make up a flat, permanent-looking wall across the opening.  Acoustical seals are provided at the ceiling track and at the floor.  Wall mounted jambs and hardware are included to give you an effective acoustical seal and sight privacy from one room to the other.


CUSTOMFOLD, INC. - Accordion Partitions

These drapery-looking partitions are constructed of two sides of several composite layers, each attached to a welded steel frame.  This frame extends and retracts to close-off, or open, a larger area.  The partition is supported by steel ball-bearing wheels riding in a structural aluminum track, and it may be stacked to one side, or both.  Your acoustical and sight privacy are further assured by the included wall jambs and hardware.



CUSTOMFOLD, INC.  - Service Parts and Technical Support

With the acquired assets and design technology, together with our experience and ongoing research and development, CUSTOMFOLD, INC., stands ready to provide Factory Assured service parts and field technical assistance.  Or, we can completely refurbish your existing partition to provide you many more years of effective use.  We offer extended warranties, as well as preventative maintenance programs.